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  1. white bugeye rex
    white bugeye rex mke723
    Do you still have the 06-07 wrx wheels
    1. white bugeye rex
      white bugeye rex
      If so I’ll buy them right now
      Oct 27, 2018
  2. curly2k3
    Slightly aroused, fairly confused, incredibly angry all the time.
  3. Subie Lovers
    Subie Lovers
    Now I'm A FORD *uck says the Chevy girl I bangarang
  4. Subie Lovers
    Subie Lovers
    Now I'm A FORD *uck say the Chevy girl I bangarang
  5. John K
  6. John K
    John K tangledupinblu
    Hey Josh, To late for 1 more car/ 2 people? No camping. Thanks
  7. silver03
    silver03 tangledupinblu
    Hey Josh, it’s anybody offered to donate one was cool Subaru model sets that just came out yet?
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    2. tangledupinblu
      Aug 19, 2018
  8. 007
    007 tangledupinblu
    Hey thanks. You are always first on it. Ha ha
    Plz read my 2018 Suspension clunk thread. Any help appreciated.
  9. CthulhusBeard
    CthulhusBeard tangledupinblu
    Hey Josh it's Zach from La Crosse. I need to get you payment for some LAX cruise tickets. Would need 4 or 5 total (still waiting on confirmation for 5th) I live in Minneapolis now so I could get you cash sometime whenever we are both free! Thanks man!
  10. STIsomeday
    STIsomeday optimusrob
    Hi! I'm extremely interested in tint and prescription. Would you please help me with his and your contact info or however your preferred method that I may work with you is? Please and thank you!!
  11. SomethingsWrong
    Wandering around the West Coast in a Z-car
  12. Mekhem
    Thinking happy thoughts
  13. SilverSubie
    Checking out this car meet at lac lavon park in Burnsville ...its here till 6pm i am the only Subaru here :/ ... Come check out the cars
  14. Aegis
    Aegis pillboy
    I love your dopey avatar
    1. pillboy
      Jun 12, 2018
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  15. pcwerk
    1999 Outback Legacy 2008 Outback
  16. Aegis
    Aegis Kneel Weiß
    I'm pickles the drummer and I'm here to sing
    But I can't ****ing sing because I'm ****ing drunk, yeah I'm really ****ing drunk
    **** you dickweed
    **** you too!
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    3. Aegis
      May 18, 2018
    4. Kneel Weiß
      Kneel Weiß
      Silverface: You fool! You let them get away!
      Priest: I do not fear you....
      Silverface: Then you are a fool, and you will DIE!
      Magnus: What have you done! you've killed him! This wasn't part of my plan!
      Silverface: This...was never...YOUR plan!
      May 21, 2018
    5. Aegis
      That's my bread and butter you're ****ing with. ò_ó
      May 29, 2018
  17. Stylo-Subie
    Stylo-Subie TMF
    I am in the market for a forester and saw that u just sold yours to morries. Which morries did u sell to and why was the remote start removed? Text me at 6513541171. Thanks, yankee
  18. RSin
  19. ScoobySnack
    ScoobySnack Jamie Belcher
    Hello, curious if you'd consider 14k for the wrx?

    Feel free to call/txt me @ 952-465-9960

  20. RexRyan
    RexRyan tangledupinblu
    Glad I asked, Thanks for your time.
  21. RexRyan
    RexRyan tangledupinblu
    200k on the setup
    1. tangledupinblu
      Probably $800-1200 for the block. $50-100 for the turbo.
      Mar 15, 2018
  22. RexRyan
    RexRyan tangledupinblu
    Can you guess the approximate value of a USDM EJ205 longblock with no leaks and doesn't burn any oil ? also I may include the original TD04 or sell sepperately( clean as new very little shaft play). I will be selling it on this site so looking for approximate Minnesota market value.

    1. tangledupinblu
      How many miles on the block, how many miles on the turbo?
      Mar 14, 2018
  23. RexRyan
    Project TT. Got an EJ208 coming next few weeks so pulling the EJ205 and installing the EJ208 with1 FP Blue turbo, 1k injectors and big TMIC.
  24. monaco
    monaco swagon03
    Hey Tim-any interest in part trade? Looks like you have a loan and not sure what your payoff is but I have a mint limited 05 4Runner (7 seat) that I could swap plus 10k. I’m at aff plus too so the transfer would be pretty easy. Let me know if you want pics—651-334-0034. Doug
    FEAR_NO_EVO Just-someone
    Was looking at the short block but sold I guess if you don’t mind what rods did you have to run to make it work and any machine work for the chamber that needs to be done looking at doing a similar build thanks
    FEAR_NO_EVO Just-someone
    Still have anything for sale from the part out?
  27. MrBlue
    Bugeye, Bugeye,Bugeye,Bugeye,Blob!
  28. RexRyan
    Bought big tmic, 1000cc injectors, and fp blue htz. All ordered today, tuning in 2 weeks. Hoping for 350 whp on 91.
  29. Lazieboy
    Chilln or Workn.
  30. Joseph
    Joseph Jon Gilson
    I'm interested in the shock and springs if you're going to be in the Minneapolis area this weekend. Just to confirm these would fit an 07 impreza correct.
  31. Lazieboy
    Lazieboy pillboy
    Is that Jonny chimpo.
    FEAR_NO_EVO retreif
    Want to buy the forester can I get more pics text me at 507-319-5919 thanks
  33. Takalak
    "Lord Jesus, Please keep my transmission safe until I can afford a 6-Speed"
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  34. Takalak
    Takalak tangledupinblu
    Yeah thanks. That's what I ended up doing. Got 5
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  35. Takalak
    Takalak tangledupinblu
    u don't happen to have any spare oil plug crush washers would ya?
    1. tangledupinblu
      I can double check tonight when i get home. Just make a pitstop at White Bear Subaru parts if you need it sooner. :)
      Sep 11, 2017
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  36. Takalak
    Still Wanna Rally
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  37. higginswannabe
  38. Takalak
    Takalak tangledupinblu
    THAts whats up! Thanks. Btw. The venders page shpuld be updated. I was looking for powder coating places and "powder keg" moved to washington or something. I went to adrenaline off of 61. Rob seemed like a nice guy.
    1. tangledupinblu
      Yeah, alot of stuff around here is getting old! Mainly the members! lol
      Aug 28, 2017
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  39. Takalak
    Takalak tangledupinblu
    right on dude thanks looks like they have it together from the looks of their site. Whats your relationship with them?
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    2. tangledupinblu
      I've had my last two tunes from them(1 stage 2 and 1 on my 2.5hybrid)

      I've known Jesse the owner for about 5 or 6 years. Solid shop for having any type of work done, from oil change to full on race motor build!

      Solid shop with great customer service and knowledge. And they recently acquired a dyno for tuning last year.(they did road tunes before that).
      Aug 28, 2017
  40. Takalak
    Takalak tangledupinblu
    What up Josh. I need a tune bad by the 9th All I've ever known is Shane Z. he seems to be backed up as always even when i called 5 weeks ago. Whats NF's story? They still doing stuff? Do u know of any other options for me? I need and open source tune too btw. Im currently on a a off the shelf maps believe on my Accessport V1 !!! Lmk what u come up with thanks
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    2. tangledupinblu
      Sup mang! Devin at JMA in Osseo, call asap and get on the schedule!
      Aug 27, 2017
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  41. Turbotech88 2.0 2.5 2.2
    Turbotech88 2.0 2.5 2.2
    Too much going on at work sorry been gone so long
  42. kongzilla
    kongzilla tangledupinblu
    can I pay you for 1 adult and 1 child on Sat for the cruise? I'm in the middle of switching bank accounts and my new account is not linked with paypal yet. Or I can meet up with you sometime before Sat. and give you cash.
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    2. tangledupinblu
      Yessir, It'll be nice to have you with! Hope that you're bringing the bugeye. :)

      I'll put you on the list!
      Aug 13, 2017
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  43. TSTRBOY2004
    TSTRBOY2004 tangledupinblu
    waaaasssssup big daddy
    1. tangledupinblu
      Not much homeslice! What do you know!?
      Aug 2, 2017
  44. Aegis
    Aegis phi11
    Y E A H!
  45. JebusCrypes
    ....livin the dream