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  1. GrawvyRobber
    GrawvyRobber FlawlessFrontEnds&Tint
    Interested in tint on 02 wrx wagon.
    1. FlawlessFrontEnds&Tint
      Yes. PM me please or text 612-226-0295
      Jan 17, 2017 at 6:34 PM
  2. Kim Schneider
    Kim Schneider JuStaWRX
    Good morning Justin. I am having trouble finding my way around this site. Could you please help me find the Ambassador information?
    P.s. I am planning on attending the Ambassador gathering tomorrow morning.
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    2. JuStaWRX
      Jan 14, 2017 at 9:31 AM
  3. Black beauty
    Black beauty
    here she as as i add i will update this pic
  4. Mikhail
    If at first you don't succeed, rtfm.
    FEAR_NO_EVO Quinn
    507-319-5919 thanks
    FEAR_NO_EVO Quinn
    Can i get pics of the cylinder walls
  7. DethBird
    DethBird illegal2.2
    Do you still have the Baja for sale. I am very interested to check it out this weekend if your around. Please let me know if we can arrange this. six one two 282-6630 call or text
    1. illegal2.2
      Sorry Chris,

      Vehicle is sold as of today.
      Dec 1, 2016
    2. DethBird
      Bummer. Lurked too long. Thanks for getting back to me though.
      Dec 1, 2016
  8. hillhillgao
    hillhillgao pb36
    I am planning to buy a brand new forester. Do you still have any spare Ambassador Coupon? If you do, can you please share me one? Thanks a lot.
    FEAR_NO_EVO NastyLeggySS
    What are you looking to get for the ej22t
  10. Alicia Lilja
    Alicia Lilja
    Looking for used 245/45/17 set of snow tires for my legacy gt limited.
  11. Rilez33
    Because Subaru.
  12. matrix2006
    matrix2006 optimusrob
    Hey I just got some window tint. I keep getting pulled over by the sheriffs I wear prescription glasses. I really could use the that information. Could you pm me the info.
  13. 02srp
    02srp Matt
    Illl take those engine mounts. Shoot me a text 6128600650
  14. Driftaholic
    Finally got a Subaru in 2016. It's a 2006 Impreza I.
  15. phi11
    "Wanna grow up to be, be a debaser"
  16. volvaru
    sad I cant get my outback running STILL :(
  17. Phi
    Phi subarugirl23
    Hello, are you still selling your Subaru?
  18. Boy Blue
    Boy Blue scrltspedstr
    Hey homie! Just trying to figure everything out on this site and thought I would pop in, follow your username, and stalk you on here haha.

    PS-We need to organize another night of pick up hockey!
  19. tangledupinblu
    tangledupinblu phi11
    Cheese cups!
  20. Michael Kumpula
    Michael Kumpula
    Would anyone be interested in a black gold rim 2005 sti in good condition, ups and downs?
  21. miked003
    miked003 SlowSC
    Still looking for an intercooler?
  22. Dwight Ritenour
    Dwight Ritenour LASERBLUE135
    Interested in brakes and suspension.

    I have cash and ready to buy right away.

    Dwight Ritenour
    612 423 5730
  23. Jessica Kraml
    Jessica Kraml
    Hello. I'm new here and looking to get my second Subaru. Looking for an Impreza wrx sti.
  24. Charlie W
    Charlie W damian_mb
    I am interested in your Grimmspeed license plate relocator. It would fit a 2011 right?
  25. eterenity11
    eterenity11 Charlie W
    i got a q300 i took off my sti. painted it black. 650 lmk.. located in Blaine..
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    2. eterenity11
      2010 sti hatch
      No crack or broken weld
      Wanted a stealthy look
      my little guy cry every time he's in the car. Chang it back to stock and he stop crying..

      I also got a cobb catted down pipe (300 plus your stock one) too if u want to go full turbo-back. didnt do my research that i has a 2.5 instead of a 3 inch.lmk
      Jul 30, 2016
    3. Charlie W
      Charlie W
      Thanks for the info, I am very interested! 2182347311 shoot me a text so I can get some more details
      Aug 1, 2016
    4. eterenity11
      sorry just got home a bit ago. i left my phone at the job site. will text you tomorrow morning when i get my phone..again sorry about that.
      Aug 1, 2016
  26. Dwight Ritenour
    Dwight Ritenour miked003
    Looking for a hood, front bumper, both front quarters and a drivers door.

    Dwight Ritenour
    612 423 5730
  27. Subystar
    Sent ya a text, price is obo so feel free to shoot me an offer.
  28. LiLBoy
    LiLBoy Typhoon213
    Do you still haev the injectors for sale?
  29. LiLBoy
    LiLBoy BugIedIzzy
    Do you still have the ID2000's?
  30. Dwight Ritenour
    Dwight Ritenour NomNamNom
    Definitely interested in the short block and heads. When would you be available to meet?
    1. Dwight Ritenour
      Dwight Ritenour
      Dwight Ritenour
      Jul 23, 2016
  31. Dwight Ritenour
    Dwight Ritenour Subystar
    Definitely interested in the that transmission mount. How much do you want for it and when are you available?

    Dwight Ritenour
  32. bmc07wrx
    Anyone else wonder what it would be like if Subaru made an H8 engine?
  33. boxerbull
    boxerbull FlawlessFrontEnds&Tint
    What would you want to tint the windows on my 2016 STI?
    1. FlawlessFrontEnds&Tint
      Jul 1, 2016
  34. Tendo
    Tendo retreif
    Intrested in the wrx wheels and airbox
  35. cheese_xt
    cheese_xt skubi1
    100$ for the bull bar? Thanks
    1. skubi1
      That'll work. I'm not planning on shipping, if that's okay with you. I live in the north metro if you ever get over this way. Let me know.
      Jun 22, 2016
  36. Cody Weatherly
    Cody Weatherly joebush44
    hope your ready for Lax ya nipple head!
    1. joebush44
      Need a buff and polish first!
      Jun 20, 2016
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  37. Dwight Ritenour
    Dwight Ritenour Kid_coupe
    Want to buy the steering rack, when would you be available?

    Dwight Ritenour
    612 423 5730
  38. Koop
    Koop bikerboy
    Hey! New on here, but I've heard that you might be the guy to talk to about fender rolling? I have a gen 6 and might need the rears rolled just bit...
  39. phi11
    "It's my life, your life. Live it once, can't live it twice"
  40. phi11
    Glorified Applebee's aka Stouts
  41. jing123
    jing123 NF Performance
    Can I get base price for an 05 legacy gt engine rebuild?
  42. pho_real
    pho_real WRX1
    Hey, you have any more amsoil oil for sale?
  43. phi11
    "Fitter, happier, more productive."
  44. blackstar10101
    Hungry for power
  45. optimusrob
    *tint prescription info only given with purchase of window tint*