Jul 27, 2006
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Dec 16, 1983 (Age: 38)
Saint Paul

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    1. spoolem
      Hey, I used to use you for my tunes a few years ago back in Minnesota but I now live in Hawaii and their aren't any really good tuners out here. My question for you is, if I were to email you a few logs on my car, would you be willing to look at them and see if you might be able to figure out what the problem is?
      Thank you, Dan
    2. syndromeofthedown
      Was wondering if you were still around for tuning? I'm in NE Minneapolis and VERY willing to work around your schedule. I am currently NOT happy with the local tuning scene. If you are OUT of tuning, do you have anyone you can recommend?
    3. Nick
      Looking for a tune. 02 wrx. 3in tbe, intake. Hopefully catless uppipe and electric cutout o the dp.
      I emailed ya, not sure what you'll check first. I'm in no hurry. Thanks!
    4. Mike02cky
      Thanks again for the awesome tune!
      I highly recommend anyone who needs suby tuning, get tuned by Bullwinkle!
    5. Bullwinkle
      Jaret, please shoot me a PM or email with a full mod list of what is on the car, and exactly what dates/times work for you for tuning. Thanks.
    6. Jaret
      Hey I'm a friend of JLak's. I have an 06 wrx, just put in an 18G, dp, 750cc injectors, and STI tmic. Need a tune! Already running it minus the butterflies, have a cai but hear you like the stock air box...could swap one back in. Also have a 3 port bcs that I need to throw in.
    7. Shibbs
      Can you tune my Aveo? I want the moar Torks. I hear you tune for torks. I want the tire roasting torks like screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech!
    8. engstb
      I went to the rallycross last weekend at raceway park and i heard you do engine tuning. Just wondering if I got my car tuned how much extra horse there would be. I have a 2008 impreza 2.5i. Mods are Avo cold air intake, agency light weight crank pulley, and i have straight pipes after the cat. No mufflers
    9. Bullwinkle
      Yup, I try to do that as long as I'm not on vacation in Africa.
    10. jlak
      Hey, you should call me back sometime or answer my pms
    11. h23
      Hey Bullwinkle, I live in Duluth and was wondering how much it would cost for you to do a flash back to stock? I spun a bearing and the car was brought back to stock and is sitting with the vf34/pinks map I had on it and I'm not sure if it will run or cause damage if I try to drive it to you. Please PM me with details. Thanks.
    12. troysam9999
      i thought i heard you do some good tuning my name is Troy 952-220-0695,ive got an 05 wrx with walbro pump 650cc inj. up pipe and turbo back godspeed intercooler and an fp hta68...it is curently tuned at 17.8 psi with a vf39 at rs motors
    13. bikerwriter
      Have you done any E85 tuning?
    14. Herger
      I'm running Cobb AP V2 stage 2 91 octane. How does the open source tuning work if I've already got the Cobb stg 2? I feel like I should be making more power than I am and I suspect I need a real tune.

      GM UP, Cobb DP, semi-gutted stock muffler, '04 WRX Wagon.

      Thanks, Steve
    15. jdm4you
      Hey bullwinkle. I wanted your input on some thing. I have a chance to trade my VF39 for a 18G stright up. I have a 02 wrx and I have a set of 06 stock wrx 560cc inj. I was also going to get a fuel pump. Do you think that you will be able to get me around 300whp with that fuel set up or should I get bigger inj? Please pm me and let me know. Thanks - Josh
    16. stibrnu
      Hey, how's it going? I was wondering if you would have time to tune my car next Sat evening. I have an 05 STi with a 3" turbo back, perrin TMIC, and I'll be putting an APS 70mm CAI on right before the tune. I'll put it on at Sheen's place so it's close to you. I'm the guy who sold Sheen his Perrin Stealth FMIC. He said you're the best tuner around. Let me know. Thanks.
    17. drivingenthus
      yo, I'm friends w Billy... he mentioned he's going to be tuning with you. I'm interested in getting retuned, gc8 vf30 ej20. Interested?
    18. 054eatwagon
      opps , via pm ... sorry
    19. chriswelckle
      Hey Nate,
      Can we reschedule?
    20. putz

      I need a tune so bad! I know you are realy busy, but please help me!
    21. chriswelckle
      Hey Bullwinkle. I need a reflash. I have the up pipe downpipe combo with the cat back 3 inch stainless. I have an extra large top mount. and I have a 9 lb flywheel with stage 2 clutch. I have an aem cold air intake, but I took it off and have heard they don't do any good.
    22. strangefamous
      ok...ill let you know as soon as everything is installed.
    23. Bullwinkle
      Hey strange, shoot me a PM with your mods and details, and we'll go from there.
    24. strangefamous
      Hey man. Word on the street is you can flash a stock ECU. I have a 2002 WRX. Let me know, help would be greatly appreciated! :)
    25. Bullwinkle
      ooo, ****. There's messages in here? I may be at FS tomorrow for a short while around 8.
    26. T-REX5000
      Well I finally got my car back from the body shop to get a new hood from hail so if you are going to FS tonight I would love it if took a look at the CEL for me
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    Dec 16, 1983 (Age: 38)
    Saint Paul