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Subaru Surgeons
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    Subaru Surgeons is a unique independent Subaru service & repair specialist based in the East Metro of the Twin Cities. We combine years of experience with a friendly neighborhood shop atmosphere. As an Independent Subaru expert, we can save you up to 40% over the dealer service department for the service and repair of your Subaru without sacrificing quality.

    We deliver uncompromised service and value to our Subaru-owner customers. If you own a Subaru, we think you'll want to know about Subaru Surgeons and why we have so many happy, loyal customers. For starters, we specialize only in Subarus. It's all we do! From oil changes to new engines and everything in between, we know Subarus inside and out. If you're looking for quality care of your Subaru, you truly have found a goldmine of expertise and savings for your Subaru's future servicing and repair.
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    I gotta say Keith did excellent work on my Forester's engine. It was no tear down but it did involve tilting the engine for access and the car runs as good as ever! Also, he didn't hesitate to offer free pick up & delivery of the vehicle. He's a down to earth king of guy with a love for Subarus that you don't find in many mechanics.
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    Would not recommend.

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