2005 Saab 9-2x part out

Discussion in 'For Sale : Car Parts' started by StickyMike, Apr 1, 2019.

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    three weeks ago I had an accident and rolled my car so now it’s getting parted out. The whole drivers side along with the roof and windshield are gone. Hood took some damage but still useable. Already took off some things ready to move. Motor has 238k miles but shut off before it starved of oil and still runs. At 180k miles the heads got redone along with the timing belt, water pump and all new gaskets and spark plugs

    Headlights - $300
    Front Bumper - $200
    Tail lights - $200
    Rear bumper - $200

    Passenger side doors - make off

    All the glass (minus windshield) is still good. I’ll have more up once I tear into it. Until then let me know what you want/need and we can discuss. I’ll get pics up shortly.

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    Are these just the regular headlights?

    Also, what's the color of your car? Wondering about the plastic bit on the tailgate. Looking for Desert Silver.

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