2015 STi parts for sale

Discussion in 'For Sale : Car Parts' started by 05subieGT, Jan 27, 2023.

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    Hey everyone,
    I have some aftermarket things to sell from my 2015 STi;
    -Crawford AOS V3 (never installed, new in box) $300
    -AWE Track style catback $700
    -MAPerformance intake w/heatshield $225
    -Cherry blossom hydrodipped mirror caps $50
    -Leather wrapped center console hood cover $30
    -I do also have some Gram light 57DR that I don't need. Rubber will need to be replaced as one of them is cupped and I was told one of the wheels is bent, but i'm not sure I believe that. Probably sell them for $1,000 IMG20220810194351.jpg

    20220912_160850.jpg 20220912_165121.jpg 20220912_165242.jpg 20220912_165440.jpg 20220912_165754.jpg