Cobb EFI University

Discussion in 'General Subaru Discussion' started by euro, Nov 1, 2021.

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    Anyone here go through the EFI training to download the tuning software? I'm used to vw ross-tech software that i can just download the tuning software and take care of things.

    Seems more like an expensive liability waiver than anything.
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    I went through it thinking at the time (for some reason) I'd be able to use it on other cars aside from my own. Realized pretty quickly that wasn't the case after I finished the course lol. I did this about 5 years ago so I no longer retain much of the specifics in the course. I remember it being pretty thorough though. I hindsight, it was kinda pointless for me, but I find the topic interesting so it wasn't completely wasted money. FYI if you wanted to use the software on another vehicle, you have to provide proof to Cobb that you own the vehicle...or be a licensed Cobb pro tuner :(

    Pretty much this.
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