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Discussion in 'For Sale : Car Parts' started by skubi1, May 7, 2020.

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    -If anyone needs to upgrade their exhaust, I have mine off of a 2010 FXT, both mufflers and mid pipe. I had to cut the bolts off, so does not include any hardware (you'll need the donut, spring bolts, bolts for the exhaust to midpipe, exhaust gaskets, and the hangers (can probably use your old ones). Lovely Minnesota patina on the parts except for the cans. Not sure if you could use them, I had to saw through the gaskets and may have nicked the flanges. Take it if you want to try to use it, otherwise I'm going to toss it.
    -Stock rear sway bar, bolts for the endlinks were crapped on there, so they're still connected. They still work as a whole. Take it if you need one.
    -Stock SH Forester chrome grille, 25 bucks and it's yours.

    Also, if anyone needs a stylist chair, have one for sale for 50 bucks.

    I'll get around to posting pics tomorrow!
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    @skubi1 did you get the pictures?
    Need those per the rules to post FS :)

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