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    here we go again.....
    case study: 2006 Outback 2.5SOHC automatic 142k miles.
    Purchased the car because it had a bad head (tell me something new...). Car was dropped of by truck, i saw the car running for about 30 sec before i got it, clear misfire, rough idle, low compression, barely running.
    I had both heads fully done (guides, valves, seals, adjusted, etc.). Everything back in place how it should be (done this job about 50x by now on subarus from different years and models, again, nothing new to me). BUT after all said and done the car started and this is what i got:
    Instant CEL when you turn the key on.
    Codes 1718 1714 1708.
    Really low idle, below 500 at times.
    Slight delay when you press on the gas (DBW) driving or stationary.
    All grounds are good
    New battery
    Clean transmission fluid and up to level.

    Looking for suggestions. Never had the three codes at once like this, something is off and i can not put my finger on it.

    Thank you all.
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    Something something pedal assembly

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