HELP! I was acting like an idiot and I got banned from the Shoutbox!

Discussion in 'MNSubaru Front Office' started by readymix, Apr 23, 2013.

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    Hello everyone,

    It's me, readymix, you're favorite moderator and instigator of fine butthurt.
    In a few moments, the Shoutbox you asked for will go live. I'm here to tell you a little bit about how it works, and a little bit about how your lives will suck if you cross me.

    The shoutbox, unlike a forum, is a real time chat client that is built into the backend of this site. Your user account information is linked to the shoutbox unlike chat rooms we've used in the past. The problem (and fun) of real-time chat, is that you now have an opportunity to get yourself in trouble very quickly. The rules of the forum still apply in there. If you break those rules, you will find it very difficult to access the chat room.
    We keep a log. Of everything. Everything that is said in there is recorded. If someone comes to us and says "hey, readymix, so-and-so is talking around the swear filter and acting like an asshole." I will come in there, and ban you from the shoutbox.
    But see, unlike on the forums, if I ban you from the shoutbox...I can't UN-ban you from it. Instead, you will have to come in here and tell the mods and admins, publicly, that you got banned from the shoutbox. If you PM us, we will ignore you. If you PM me a second time, I'll ban you from the forums as well. You post in this thread and give us the date and time, and WRX1, the loving site administrator and owner, will go back through the logs and see where you got banned and what you did to deserve it. And he is the final determination of who gets let back in.

    That's how it works. Long story short, if you get banned, post in this thread with the date and time you were banned.

    And remember, we're watching you.


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