Need auto body and paint work

Discussion in 'General Subaru Discussion' started by Yang, Jul 16, 2020.

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    Need some help! I have a couple rust spots and want some pdr done, then paint it with the oem color.

    If no one can paint the car, what about prepping it for me?

    2275C282-242C-4F6A-82B3-2363AC3F85DD.jpeg B2990313-48B1-4B6B-B5A9-90BA3A458EF3.jpeg FF2423FF-261F-405C-840B-6015A14D67C5.jpeg
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    Just so you know, I doubt any body shop will give a guarantee on rust repair like that. It looks like "simple" surface rust, but once you take that piece of black plastic off the pinch weld, remove the bumper cover, and sand down the entire area, you will be surprised how far the corrosion has traveled under the paint and how deep it has eaten into the surface of the metal. Good luck.