Rear brake caliper lower slider pins. They suck...

Discussion in 'General Subaru Discussion' started by predavore, Jul 9, 2018.

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    So, this is the second time in a few years that I've had an issue with the rear caliper slider pins where the rubber gasket on them gets loose enough to not be able to be reinserted into the caliper bracket. So on both my 08 WRX and my wife's 09 Forester... this has happened now. I check or put new pads in the rear calipers, pull the pins to re-lube them then can't get the lower pin back in. Subaru doesn't sell or stock the pins. But... Napa does. Last time this happened, I had a spare set of rear calipers. I stole a pin. This time, I had the car up in the air and no spare parts. I prefer OEM, but in this case, Napa had a better design on the rubber sleeve (parallel vs perpendicular bumps). The new design allows for grease to flow past the sleeve vs creating an air bubble/trap. Super easy to reassemble. $30 versus not being able to get them, seems like a good deal. The pin/bolt is a separate kit from the collar and sleeve.


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    Someone designed a better Subaru part for a Subaru than Subaru??? Sacrilege!!!
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    Huh, good to know. Happened to my wife's 11 OB. I ended up just getting new rubber bits for everything from O'Reilly I think but can't remember what that sleeve looked like.