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    Not sure who on here browses reddit, but this is trending right now.

    "So I dropped my Subaru WRX off to be serviced at a third party service center. They called me to tell me my car was ready for pick up, when I arrived today I waited around 2 hours while they were "getting my car ready for pickup" to finally be told that they accidentally gave it to another customer. They offered a rental car for the meantime until they can get it back which they said would hopefully be in the next few days. Should I take any action against them/is there any action I can take against them.

    EDIT: I need to clarify a mistake I made earlier when posting this, they are not an official Subaru service center as I previously thought. They are just a third party service center, I have and do not want any hate going out towards Subaru, they did nothing. This was not their fault and I love their cars/company. I will be posting a FINAL update later tonight about how everything is ending. Thank you for the comments and suggestions.


    Thank you all for all of the advice. I'm not good with legal stuff and if I had not posted here I probably would have walked out paying for a rental car. I called the cops and the employees got mad and stressed out immediately. Turns out one of the managers took it for a joyride and wrecked it which they admitted to while I called the cops. I still have not seen it but I was told the damage was extensive and that I would be held liable for payment to fix part of it. At this point I'm going to get a lawyer involved right? I shouldn't have to pay for anything they have messed up on. Even if they offer to cover fixing it I'm a little uneasy about that. now that it has been in a collision is has much less value and could be prone to future problems. They if I didn't get lawyers involved they would "cut me a deal" but I'm really not having that. Not to mention they have been lying to me for hours.

    My location is Washington DC"

    I recently got a dash cam in my wrx for these exact reasons.
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    Reason #184 why I wrench on my own stuff. If I were that guy though, I would lawyer up for sure. #bettercallsaul
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    Dude should check the vape pen he keeps in his center console for herpes too.
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    Can’t be too careful. Don’t want herps on your douche flute.

    I would hire a lawyer and accept nothing less than a new car.
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