Winter Car Control @ DCTC Feb 11 (Teen) & 12 (Adults)

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    Alright the information has been posted, its about a month before the event. This month will be over before you know it. and we are in the middle of winter. I can only hope we get as much snow as the last event in December. If you decide not to register as a driver you can always volunteer as a course worker. The club provides some of the best event foods. Anyways I hope to see more Scooby friends out there.

    I plan on being out there for both days, and will be looking out for Justin just incase he trys to pass for a Teen on Saturday's event!



    • Winter Driving Schools - These are (relatively) low speed events designed to teach braking, cornering and general car handling in a safe environment. We set up slalom exercises, braking and lane change exercises, a wet skid pad, and cornering exercises.

    These clinics are great for:

    New drivers (must have a valid license or drivers permit - under 18 must have a signed parental consent)
    New car - get used to that new car (or tires or suspension) in a safe environment
    Refresher - every other year wouldn't hurt any driver; we forget the basics, we get sloppy. This is a tune up!
    Preparatory - we recommend one of these courses before going to one of our Performance Driving Schools for the first time.


    Event 2006 Teen Winter Driving School Event Type Teen Driving
    Description Driving school for teenage drivers.
    Location: Dakota County Technical College

    Starts: 8:30AM
    Ends: 4:00PM

    Read more here, choose "Teen Schools" from the drop down.
    Status Open Begin Date 11-FEB-2006 End Date11-FEB-2006
    Event Cost $50.00
    More Details Membership Required? No


    Event 2006 Winter Driving School Event Type Winter Driving
    Description Driving school for adult drivers.
    Location: Dakota County Technical College

    Starts: 8:00AM
    Ends: 4:30PM

    Read more here, choose "Winter Driving Schools" from the drop down.
    Status Open Begin Date 12-FEB-2006 End Date12-FEB-2006
    Event Cost $100.00
    More Details Membership Required? Yes



    Are you interested in learning more about how your car reacts at the limits, or how you would react in an emergency situation? Have you thought about attending our driving school at Brainerd, but are still a little intimidated by the higher speeds? Would you like to help your significant other become a better, more confident driver? Well, now is your chance! Imagine knowing what to do when your car begins to slide, or being in control during that panic stop. Car control skills are learned skills that can only be improved with practice and seat time, and this will be a chance to experience plenty of seat time in a safe, controlled environment.

    Our Clinics are open to all club members and their family members wanting to learn more about enhancing driver skills and understanding the capabilities of their cars. Our goal is to prepare you with a fundamental foundation of skills from which you can further develop your driving abilities. Each participant receives personalized instruction provided by experienced club Instructors. All participants must register in advance. Registration can be performed through our website. Two driver cars are allowed.

    If you have further questions after reading this information, please contact Sheldon Nelson by email at [email protected] or phone at 763.542.1485

    Program Synopsis:

    The day long event will consist of both classroom instruction and driving exercises. Each exercise is prefaced with a short talk about concepts specific to the respective exercise. The drills include a skid pad, a slalom course, and a braking and accident avoidance simulation. In these exercises you will learn the proper use of the steering wheel, brakes, and throttle as elements of car control. We want all students to increase their awareness for what their car is doing under a variety of circumstances, and why. These exercises are intended to better prepare you for situations that may be encountered when at speed on the track, as well as everyday driving. Towards the end of the day we will incorporate these elements into a short road course to help you demonstrate your newly acquired skills.

    Our objective is to improve your awareness to vehicle dynamics, provide you with fundamental driving skills, and produce safe and controlled drivers. Safety and being in control is our top priority at this and all Club driving events.

    School Procedures:

    Registration: Registration must be made in advance. Register by filling out and submitting an on-line application. Each driver must register separately. Payment should preferably be made via PayPal, alternately we will accept a check mailed in. Mailed in applicants will be confirmed via e-mail (if supplied).

    Schedule: Please plan to arrive at the site by 8:30am at the latest. The main gates to the facility will open at 8:00. We start promptly at 9:00, with the school usually ending around 4:30p.m. The school will be conducted rain, snow, sleet, mush, sunlight, clouds, ice, etc... so be prepared accordingly. We will have a lunch break of not more than one hour. Lunch will be catered.

    Vehicles and Technical Inspections: All vehicles in good mechanical working condition will be allowed at this event. Convertibles will also be allowed to participate. All cars must have operating seatbelts or harnesses. If there is a question about the appropriateness of your vehicle, please contact Sheldon Nelson at 763.542.1485.

    In the interest of safety for all the participants, technical inspections will be performed on all cars by your instructor with you prior to the start of the school. Things that will be looked at will include tire condition and pressure, functional brakes, leaking fluids, secure battery, and loose items in the car. Please ensure that all loose items are removed from the car AND trunk before the school (including floor mats). Anything loose in the car has the potential to become a projectile!

    Helmets: Helmets are NOT required to participate in this school.

    Preparation: Rolls & juice will be on hand, but recommend a complete breakfast before arriving (my Mom would be proud). It will be very important that you stay hydrated: recommend water & sports drinks, and avoiding caffeine. You will have to empty your car of all loose items - bring a tarp and/or container to protect your stuff from the elements. Recommend jeans, long-sleeve shirt, sunscreen, etc. (common sense stuff). Make sure you have a full tank of gas and that your tire pressures are on the high side of what's recommended on the door pillar.

    Please consider:

    • You should read and understand the above article BEFORE registering.
    • Both students for 2-Driver cars (one car shared by two students) must submit separate applications - we ask for the "name of driver sharing the car" only to ensure both students are not in the same run group!

    We would like to formally thank the Golden Gate Chapter for their assistance in this article and with curriculum development, especially Gary Shannon, Lily Koessel, and Aaron Wallace.

    Register Online


    If you have any interest in any or all of these schools, contact coordinators listed below. And if you would like to volunteer - bless you! - and contact the appropriate person listed below.

    All of our schools require a valid driver's license. Drivers under the age of eighteen require a signed parental consent form.

    We don't have one Driving Events Coordinator; we have multiple people responsible for these schools.
    Driving Event Coordinators:

    • Teen Car Control Clinics - [email protected]
    • Winter Driving - [email protected]
    • Car Control Clinics - [email protected]
    • Advanced Car Control Clinics - [email protected]
    • Advanced Driving Schools- [email protected]
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    soooo.. if you are not a member it would come out to $140?

    kinda steep isn't it? :cry:
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    Are they planning on borrowing winter conditions from a state that is having them? :D

    Would kinda suck to fork out this much $$$ to do a Winter Driving school on the dry pavement!

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    The cost and weather are both important things to consider when your thinking about participation at any event. What I would also like to suggest is when your trying to make a decisions, should also ask yourself what your intensions are or goals when going to such an event?

    A. Am I looking for a open lapping event?

    B. Could I use some additional Car Control skill training?

    C. How comfortable am I with my current skills in MN road condtions? (winter-low temp, ice, snow, wet, summer)

    D. Where can I go to practice losing and regaining control of my car w/o getting into trouble?

    E. Does the cost of the event justify my interest?

    Drag racing
    $35 8 hr day
    12sec to 16sec of fame
    average 3-7 pass total
    Prize: Trophy w/domestic car on top LOL

    6 run's
    56sec of fame
    Prize: trophy

    Car Control Clinic
    $100 8hr day
    +8 session 20min w/Class time and full time Instructor

    average cost $12.5 session plus free lunch
    open lapping at the end of the day

    Prize: no trophy, but you learn more about your car and developed new or refined skills. More seat time!

    There is not a club in MN that I know of these days that will let you participate unless your with their club and have paid their membership fee for their insurance.

    Hate to sound like I'm selling this to anyone, it won't matter to me eitherway. But I have been doing this for awhile in all the examples I have listed. As far as for the snow, I am sure I can make some once I can find my magic wond. LOL Hope to see some Scoobies out there this summer.

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    Well it looks like we got no Scooby's on Saturaday for the Teen Clinic, (where is Justin). But we do have 5 Scooby's on Sunday's Clinic. It looks like we may even get a little bit of snow, but after Saturadays event there might be much left.

    See ya this weekend!

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    will they at least spray it down or something so it'll at least be slick?
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    I dont have the answer to your question, but they will tipically try and get the skid pad to a desired workable surface. With the COLD temperatures it will be plenty slick out at the track.