1998 Impreza OBS Airbag Light

Discussion in 'Modifications And Maintenance' started by StpOBS, Sep 29, 2019.

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    Hey guys,

    The airbag light went on about a week ago in my 1998 Impreza Outback Sport. I was in a minor accident 3 years ago to the drivers side front but the airbag never went off and the light didn't turn on until now.
    Also, not sure if this is related but my cruise control stopped working around this time as well. Also, the horn only works if you push on the absolute bottom of the steering wheel. I hoped maybe it was a fuse but checked them and they all looked good. I have not done a code read as it is my understanding this is a different task than your usual bring it in to O'Reilly's and have them scan it?

    Any ideas or is it time to bring her in to get looked at?
    Any help would be appreciated as my wife's car was stolen and totalled and this is our only car right now!

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    It is "flash the code out" diagnostics.

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    I think the airbag plugs are under the seat too. Could always try disconnecting and reconnecting, making sure they're mashed together well.

    I had an airbag light on in my 03 WRX. Just mashed the connections together and it was fine, must've been lose it something. Worth trying at first just to make sure
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    Nothing a small piece of electrical tape on the cluster won't fix :D

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