2016 Impreza 5-door struts help/advice

Discussion in 'Modifications And Maintenance' started by briancustoms, Jul 5, 2019.

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    My 2016 base Impreza 5-door has 61k on it and has been H&R sprung on stock struts for at least half that. Within the last few weeks the left front wheel area has started creaking as I come to a stop. I've pushed and pulled all around it, but it all seems solid. I've noticed the rear has gotten a bit soft too. I'm suspecting those things are telling me my struts are due for a freshen up.
    I don't follow this stuff enough, so what are the relatively affordable, streetable struts out today. I don't need multi-way adjustable blah blah, just a nice strut that will last with a lowered spring.
    Also, where do I go? Tire Rack doesn't list anything for a '16.

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