2019 SCCA Land O' Lakes Rallycross Series

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    Hello everyone again! It's time to play dirty again! Here are the dates and sign-up links for our events this year (first Saturdays of every month April through October). Also, check out https://scca-racing.com/rallycross/ for rules, what to bring, and what to expect. Check out our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/mnrallyx/ (it's private, but we approve people quickly) for discussion, event updates, and to see other rallycross events happening in Iowa and Wisconsin. Due to the nature of our racing, we are very dependent on good weather, and these dates are subject to change at the last minute.

    April 6th (Cancelled - may be rescheduled)
    May 4th - https://scca-racing.com/event/rallycross-may-2019-williams-farm/?instance_id=148
    June 1st - https://scca-racing.com/event/rallycross-june2019-williams-farm/?instance_id=158
    July 6th - https://scca-racing.com/event/rallycross-july-2019-williams-farm/?instance_id=157
    August 3rd - https://scca-racing.com/event/rallycross-august-2019-williams-farm/?instance_id=156
    September 7th - https://scca-racing.com/event/rallycross-september-2019-williams-farm/?instance_id=155
    October 5th - https://scca-racing.com/event/rallycross-october-2019-williams-farm/?instance_id=154

    We may have another winter rallycross like we did this past February. Will update schedule if it happens. All events will be happening in Pine City, MN this year.
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