Automatic Transmission Fluid Change and Service

Discussion in 'DIY Instructables' started by Dan Levar, Oct 30, 2019.

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    I'm wondering if anyone could provide some insight/instruction with cleaning the magnet in the trans pan? I purchased a 2008 4EAT fxt (second gen) 2 years ago and am doing a tranny fluid change, and wanted to check the magnet in the pan and give it a clean. I've watched a few youtube vids and gotten a general grasp of it...

    The biggest question is with the trans drain plug when draining the fluid: is there a specific crush washer for the plug, similar to the crush washer with the oil pan? Or is it a reusable washer that doesnt need to be replaced? I'd hate to drain the pan only to find out I don't have the proper washer.

    Also: is there an AT filter that needs to be changed/cleaned with the 2008 fxt? I've had some trouble getting a clear answer on changing the filter (or if it just needs to be cleaned with brake cleaner and screwed back in)

    Never done it before, but it seemed easy enough? Any help would be greatly appreciated


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