Best Body Shop - Southeast Twin Cities?

Discussion in 'General Subaru Discussion' started by Erik, May 5, 2020.

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    Need to get some body work done and tint. Any recommendations on the best place to go?
  2. PJ171

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    I don't have a one stop shop for both but wouldn't hesitate to use either of these places again...

    For the body work, I've been super happy with Raymond's Auto Body in St. Paul. I've worked with them a couple times for both an insurance claim and rust repair.

    Full disclosure Raymond's isn't cheap but their work is absolutely top notch and I'd use them again no doubt, they even matched sun faded almost 20 year WRB paint perfectly. Let me know if you want contact information for the Service Rep I've worked with. Are they worth it for an STI/WRX? Absolutely. Would I pay their rates for my 98 Corolla? no way lol.

    Realizing it's not in the south east, Black Diamond Tint Shop in Little Canada is also awesome and worth the drive.
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  3. loxx0050

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    I've had good luck with Lamettry's myself. For the wife's vehicle had to use them 2x and went to the New Brighton location. Had my windshield replaced (2x in 1 week annoying story) by the Bloomington location because they could do the eyesight calibration at that location (unlike most glass companies that come to you). Had good customer service by the Eden Prairie location.

    I think the closest one to you is the Bloomington location. They are family owned and seemed like a tip top operation to me.
  4. JasonoJordan

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    For tint Chris at Flawless Front Ends gets my vote every time. He is not the cheapest and he works out of his garage part time but he does quality work. Stands behind his work 1000% and uses top notch quality products.
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