BOV adjustment

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    I found this on Nasioc

    I dont have a BOV anymore but i thought i would copy and paste it for anyone else that may have questions.

    the write up was done by Clark, a Tuner from like arizona or someplace down there.


    Most aftermarket BOV's seal at idle. Some dont... THe proper way to adjust your bov is as follows:

    Drive the car in 3rd gear.
    Apply enough throttle to get the boost gauge to 0.
    Snap the throttle closed.

    If you hear the valve blowing off at 0 or under zero (vac) the preload is to loose.

    You should only really hear it if you snap closed at 2-5 psi. If your valve lacks the adjustment simply add washers to add more preload. I find the TXS valve needs 3-4 Quarters or about a dollar in change to hold tight.

    Most TXS (knock off is worse) will crack open at 18 psi or above. You might not notice it but trust me.. I have stood and watched the valves crack while on the dyno.

    If you add to much preload then you will get compressor surge or a chirping sound during a shift.