But this one's for my wife! '04 Baja

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    Yes, ANOTHER project car...

    My wife has been lusting after every Baja she's seen for years. And I have been looking for one for sale, but they're stupid expensive, and thanks to all the plastic, are generally rusted out (the local ones, anyway).

    And, I want an H6, anyway. So why pay a premium for a fully-functioning one when I'm going to gut it anyway? Ideally, I'd been looking for a flood car....

    Finally, the right deal came along, and I snatched it up:
    by Numbchux, on Flickr

    by Numbchux, on Flickr

    It's an '04 Baja Turbo. Guy blew up the engine, sold the engine, turbo, transmission, and exhaust. Bought an LSWRX crossmember and LS engine, and was planning to make a monster. But, still to buy a transmission, turbo, and all the other little bits to make the swap happen, he decided to sell it all off. And I bought the shell.

    by Numbchux, on Flickr

    It's in pretty nice shape. Little rust in the rear door opening and back of the rocker (LH Molding is removed).

    Engine bay parts are pretty wrecked. He unbolted the ABS pump, and I'm guessing snagged it while removing the engine, as the brake lines are all twisted and kinked. A/C lines have all been removed. Interior is disassembled.

    Plan, is to gut the '02 VDC car I have here, and use it for all the swap parts. It is very high mileage, though, so I'll likely get a JDM engine. Haven't decided if it's going to be an auto or manual. I want to keep ABS, at the very least, which might be a challenge without using a non-VDC donor car.