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    I’m wondering if I have the correct sensor. The first one is what I ordered and I triple checked the order. But the one I pulled out has the wire connector turned 45. I ordered left side exhaust. The right side exhaust looks like the one I received from rock auto. Should I just throw it in and see?? Car is a 2009 sti

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    Based on the first picture attached, it looks like you ordered 22056AA200 which is the RH (passenger side) Exhaust cam sensor. I would assume the two exhaust cam sensors are different for a reason so trying it may not work well. It won't be catastrophic, but it might not run right.

    08+ STI
    22056AA140 (LH and RH Intake)
    22056AA200 (RH EX)
    22056AA210 (LH EX)