February and March discounts!

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    I am offering $20 off my normal pricing, or $25 off of an upgrade in tint type! That is for February, and March!

    Dyed film is the standard film. None of the dyed films last less that 6 years. They usually last in excess of 8 years and depending on storage conditions (inside or outside storage) they may last longer than 10 years.

    Carbon only films won't fade or change color, and begin to work on heat rejection. (Usually a $25 upgrade).

    Carbon ceramic hybrid won't fade or change colors and do a terrific job at heat rejection. Upgrades depend on exact one you choose, but I have 3 different levels of heat rejection. Good, better and best; $50 upgrade or $75 upgrade or $100 upgrade. During February and March I am offering a discount on these upgrades!

    I offer paint protection services, also. Computer cut patterns, completely custom for any vehicle! Basic to overboard!

    612 226 0295 is my cell

    Text is preferred method to get a hold of me. Too many sales calls you know!

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