First Subaru, It's apparently taken this long.

Discussion in 'The Welcome Mat' started by CaffeineTripp, Mar 23, 2018.

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    We bought this as a DD.


    I'd like you to meet Bernard. Because it looks like a Bernard.

    Needs a bit of work, but $650 isn't too bad. Needed front pads, rotors, and calipers immediately, some exhaust work yet to get done, and a good deep cleaning with some minor interior and exterior maintenance along with most/all fluids to be changed. Should be good to run around town in and take on a vacation or two.

    So, yo.
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    Hello Bernard, welcome!
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    Welcome! Meet Stella, my 2nd Outback. I picked her up a month ago for $500. Immediately threw $1000 into her for front pads, tie rods, pcv valve, alignment, etc. Getting ready for new tires, because ive had her aligned 3 times, and it still pulls super hard to the left. Beyond that, I love the older Subarus. With proper maintenance, they can run forever! 20180314_185601-1160x653.jpg
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