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Discussion in 'The Welcome Mat' started by PassCom, Jul 15, 2015.

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    Hello friends!

    My name is Kareem, and I am a student at the U. I just got my first car and it happens to be an 04 WRX Premium! I went all the way to Milwaukee to pick it up. I love the car, and want to do my best to keep it as healthy looking as possible.

    I showed up at the meet last night, and it was such an interesting experience going to my first car meet! I expected it to be more about standing around a bunch of sport cars with their hoods propped up like on those YouTube videos. Chilling with a little Subaru family with beers and laughter was better than it I could ever expect a car meet to go. It was cool to meet the guys that came out to Surly last night, although it's hard for me to remember all your names. I am excited to see more faces of this awesome community and all the things i'll learn along the way!

    Here is a pic of Scoobs when I first got him with stock plastidipped wheels:

    And here he stands now with the 18's I got:[​IMG]

    Projects I plan to complete throughout Summer:
    -Paint wheels Gunmetal
    -Detail car and remove cosmetic imperfections, dents, etc.

    Huge shoutouts to tangledupinblu for hooking be up with a set of awesome vintage swoosh MNSubaru stickers & to derp for introducing my girlfriend to meatspin.
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    Wait a minute Kareem...I requested pics of the WRX WITH the MnSubaru stickers on it! Wtf!? Fail... :p

    It was good to finally meet you!
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    Needs a roof rack
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    Not enough likes on this forum.
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    Welcome, Kareem-

    Nice meeting you the other night. Hope to see you around more!
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