For Sale Forum Rules & Mandatory Price for All For Sale / Gauging Interest items

Discussion in 'For Sale : Car Parts' started by Ryan, Mar 27, 2009.

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    From now on we will be requiring a price for all items For Sale / Gauging interest*. Threads that do not have a price will be locked until OP PM's a Mod with a price. Threads not updated with price within 24 hours will be removed.

    Examples of acceptable prices:

    $100 obo
    Looking to trade for TD04
    6 Pack of beer.

    Non-acceptable price:

    (nothing listed)
    PM me your offer

    If you start a thread looking to trade, but then later choose that you're going to sell the item instead, you must post a price.

    Thank you,

    MN Subaru Moderator Staff

    *Rule does not apply to Venders section.

    For Sale/Wanted Rules

    The For Sale forum is provided as a service to the MNSubaru community. Items do not need to be Subaru related, but please do not abuse this forum.
    • To start a for sale thread, members must have 25 posts and been a member for 30 days. Only moderators can edit the FS thread so please make it complete w/details the first time. PM a moderator or post in thread when an edit (price change, sold etc...) is needed.
    • All members can view and reply to For Sale threads.
    • All members can view, reply, and start threads in the "Want to Buy" Section.
    • Only Vendors with Vendor status can start threads in the Vendors section. All members can view and reply to these threads. Vendors, see note below for more information.
    • Item must be owned by poster. No selling for a friend. Items found selling for a friend will be deleted without notice.
    • Price is required on all items. Trading is a price, along with Free, or $xxx OBO. If you choose to no longer look for a trade for the item and choose to sell it, you must post a price. Items without a price will be deleted without notice.
    • Post a complete description and include pictures of the item(s) for sale.
    • Post your location.
    • All for sale items posted outside the for sale section will be delete without notice.
    • Keep comments in the For Sale forum on topic.
    • Do not hijack threads, if you have an item to sell, please start a new thread.
    • Do not lowball prices or post that you saw an item cheaper elsewhere.
    • Do not list stolen items, weapons, or non-legal items for sale.
    • To Sellers: Do NOT try to scam members on this forum.
    • To Buyers: Be aware of what you are buying, pay attention to post count, join date and location when buying.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.