FS: 18x8.5 Black Enkei Tuning Raijin Wheels (5-114.3) + Dunlop SP Sport 600 Tires

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    Looking to sell 18x8.5 Black Enkei Tuning Raijin Wheels (I believe they are 50mm offset) that I had on my 2012 STI. I'm selling them with the original OEM stock tires, Dunlop SP Sport 600's with 4/32 of tread left. Nothing wrong with the wheels (other than couple of small rock chips). I really liked they way they look but have been running the OEM wheels with All Seasons and don't want to invest in another set of summer tires. These wheels have never been used in winter, they were summer only. Here's what I'm all selling with it.

    • 4 Enkei Tuning Raijin Wheels (18x.8.5; 5-114.3 bolt pattern)
    • 4 centering rings
    • 4 Dunlop SP Sport 600 Tires (245/40/18; 4/32 tread)
    • 4 315MHz Tire Pressure Sensor (5 years old and were in working order a year ago)
    • 20 Nickel Plated Lugnuts
    • 1 Lug tool
    Would like to get $800.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Here's a pic of one of the rock chips


    Centering Ring

    Lug tool and Lugnut

    Here are some pics of what they looked like on the car.
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