I had big gaps.

Discussion in 'General Subaru Discussion' started by kickin_81, Feb 14, 2004.

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    I pulled my plugs yesterday and I found out that my EJ205 had NGK's BKR7ES-11 plugs with gap ranges of .042"-.045". I wasn't too happy with the previous owner. He claimed he did the plugs every oil change, which is true, but he must not know anything about spark plugs. I've driven across the country and did my normal driving for 9000 miles with these. It's strange that on a modified and reflashed car, you'd think you know what plugs to use and how to use them. :roll: I put on some NGK BKR7E copper plugs gapped to .029" in place of them and I can notice an improvement. So, I'm happy.

    Also, my car was was a victim of paint chips in the coolant. I did the 'overflow coolant pan' modification and found to already have about 50% of the paint bubble off into the coolant. **** Subaru engineers/painters!!! If your MY02 WRX has a black painted turbo coolant reservior, you may also be a victim. }:)http://www.wrxfanatics.com/index.php?act=ST&f=50&t=5394&st=0
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