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Discussion in 'The Welcome Mat' started by clajiness, Apr 15, 2021.

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    Hi, all. I haven't owned a Subaru in a few years, so I thought I'd circle back and introduce myself. I've been on a Volkswagen kick since I last owned Subarus, but the Tiguan was just too under-powered for my liking. That's why we brought home a new (to us) '20 Outback XT with ~13k miles. The wife loves it, and I don't mind driving it at all. It's a big car, but it scoots just fine.

    IMG_1908.jpeg IMG_1909.jpeg IMG_1910.jpeg IMG_1911.jpeg

    My other car is a manual '18 Golf R. Until Subaru makes an STI hatch again, I'm good with this one. It's a great car, and it's been super solid so far. The interior doesn't even creak or rattle. ;)

    IMG_1913.jpeg IMG_1918.jpeg

    So ya, that's us! Nice to see the forum is still around. Take care!
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    I dig the wheels on the VdoubleU! Welcome back...newb!:p

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