Maperformance 4-1 Equal Length Headers... *These Results Are Worth Viewing*

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    So as you all know, we released a header a couple months back... The main feedback we got was "how much power does it make compared to ________" , or something along the lines of "looks awesome, but how do I know it will make power ?". I am pleased to announce that question and then some have been answered.

    Our friends over at Street Car factory in Arizona got a couple of these headers and did some testing the results... well the results F*****G rock.

    The first test car we did testing on was a 2008 WRX Hatchback (next test will be on a big turbo car) the mod list is as follows:

    2008 WRX Hatchback
    Built Stage 2 SCF Short Block
    Stock Heads
    04 STi 6 speed
    Speed Density
    TurboXS FMIC
    Stock Inlet Sized, internal Wastegate FP Green
    Cobb v3
    MAP 4-1 Header
    Agency Power Up Pipe
    DW300 Fuel Pump




    Here's a side by side comparison with the MAP ELH vs AP ELH (one of the best on the market). We gained about 70whp throughout the powerband and 500rpm in spool time with the MAP ELH vs the Agency Power ELH and a new peak gain of 34whp. This header nets more power than almost any other ELH on the market and has a much more responsive power-band. I'm at a loss for words, I didn't expect that significant of a gain. The mods on the car are simple and this header really makes it come alive!!!

    first graph with the agency power header:


    second run with the headers swapped out to our MAP Ej Series EL Header.


    The results speak for themselves here folks!

    For those who don't know about our header here are some features:

    1. 100% Made In The USA
    2. 4-1 design for increased efficiency
    3. Crafted from 304 Rathgibson stainless steel
    4. Utilizes a merge collector center cone to improve flow
    5. 1/2 inch thick up-pipe flange to prevent warping
    6. Flat sanded flanges to ensure a leak free design
    7. Four 1.750 inch runners merge to a 2.250 up tube
    8. WARRANTIED FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pick up a set now by shooting us a pm or giving me a call direct 651-348-8811 ext 108

    Current early adopter pricing on this header is $900, retail is $999.99, they are built in house and almost always are stocked but if they aren't don't worry our world class welders can crank these out in about a week to a week and a half!


    Pick your set up now in time for the upcoming race season!
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    Good to see a local company come out with something that doesn't break the bank but does not look like it was welded by ape's (looking at you perrin)

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