New 17x8 +30 Cosmis XT-206R's in 5x100 and 5x114.3 Hyper bronze, Black Chrome + White

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    Fresh off the boat, Cosmis XT-206R's in stock and on sale for our customer who are searching for 17's

    Make your own combo deal and save!

    Thank you for supporting

    Josh Nahm- Connect with me personally!
    Snapchat- importimage
    Instagram- IIRJOSH
    941-257-9618 ext 200 during business hours (ext 201 after hours and weekends)

    How to order?
    Call Sales- 941-257-9618 visa/mc/discover/Amex press #1
    If you would like to receive a paypal bill, please send us your email address
    Sales questions?
    Order questions/tracking?
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