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    Hi, I'll let my second post hopefully end in a gathering. In my spare time I write, compose and push electronic music known as Tribal House and trance. I have played with many greats, and had the op. to see many things on the road. I recently changed my name to promote new growth and new insperation in music. This year I have just been given the Op. to bring in the new year in one of the many rooms featured in Millwaki (sp) Wi. At the eagles ball room (otherwise known as THE RAVE).

    I would like to invite everyone on this forum to come bring your rides down and have a blast.

    There is no bar close on nye at this venue.. drink all night long if you wish.

    here are some of the artists you will get to see. I go under the name "Sean Real" ((name is not currently on flyer as flyer is a pre-flyer))

    I hope this is of some intrest to you if you can't find anything else to do. (((this is also the same fine group who promote events at the quest every sat.))

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    Hey, welcome to the board, you've got some good stuff going on there. I hang out once in awhile with the Kind Beats crew to take some photos for them during their jam. Keep on spinning!
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    thank you much, kb are good people, they know and love me :)

    I do believe they will be there this year as well.