OEM Roof Rack install issues - 3/4 posts line up, 1 doesn't

Discussion in 'Modifications And Maintenance' started by Hermanocleas, Oct 29, 2021.

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    I got an OEM roof rack for my WRX the other day and tried installing it last night. I was able to line up and get 3/4 posts threaded on. The front passenger post however, I couldn't get lined up with the mount hole. The rest of the posts kinda settled nicely into the channel and you could then slide the post left or right to line it up with the correct hole (which is the front one of the two on the WRX's mounting plate). When the front right passenger post drops into place and I try to line up the post hole with the mount hole they are partially offset - like 1/3 of the mount hole is not lined up with the post hole. If I move the post hole to a position where they do line up the post ends up too high for the bolt to reach the hole because it's not seated in the rail like the others were. The mounting plate in question looks to be the mirror of the drivers side one which was easy to fit. I can't think of what would be the cause the problem on the passenger side unless there's an issue with the post. I'm going to give it another go tonight but hoping someone has a tip or knows about this issue.

    Anyone have a similar experience as this?

    This may be the solution. Just needed to watch enough of these tutorials...
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    I had that issue to turns out they gave me 2 of the left side fronts instead of a left and a right front check the lettering