post other cars you have had

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    A good quote for this picture would be
    "That's Right! Gettin' some head right hear in the parking lot"
    or "Even the cars be getting more head then you!" LOL
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    I've had more cars than I am old. I change cars more often then I change underwear! Here's what I can remember

    88 accord (first car)
    88 mx-6 gt turbo
    91 crx si (bolt ons)
    89 conquest tsi (first drift car, tbe, ebc)
    01 gsr (bolt ons)
    88 civic hatch
    88 corolla
    90 civic wagon
    95 accord
    92 Integra
    94 eclipse GSX
    95 gsr (sleeved, built, turbo)
    95 del sol (original b16 with bolt ons)
    90 crx si (b16 w/ nitrous)
    96 mx-6 gt
    01 4runner limited
    95 civic hatch (b18b with bolt ons)
    07 STi (stage 2)
    98 Legacy SUS
    05 LGT
    03 Tacoma
    99 4runner sport
    03 WRX wagon
    05 Saab 92x
    93 civic hatch cx
    98 civic
    89 civic wagon

    99 legacy brighton-- current commuter
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    True story!!
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