SCCA PDX at DCTC - Saturday Oct 8th

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    It's that time of year again!
    Sign up NOW for the Saturday October 8th PDX at Dakota County Technical Center.

    Whether you are an Instructor, Volunteer, or Driver you'll learn better car control and have fun!

    Classroom and Driving Instructors are available to help participants drive more effectively.
    This is your chance to get on track and master car control. Classes available for beginner through advanced.

    If you're a run group 2 or 3 driver and can't make the morning sessions (going to C&C) we are now offering a 1/2 day $100 special and you can register on site over the lunch hour.

    Register at:

    Need more information or for the schedule/supps and tech form
    Go to
    or call Kathy at 763-241-8010 or David at 651-983-8238.
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    Bump for these events. I've been to many in the past, and they are always well-run events with lots of seat time. I unfortunately have a wedding this weekend :( otherwise I'd be there!
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    If the weather holds out, I am planning to bring the R out. :thumbup: