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Discussion in 'Modifications And Maintenance' started by MNGman, Jul 25, 2020.

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    I know, I know, this has probably been asked and answered. Looking for a little guidance from the old guys, (you know who you are...).
    I'm selling a set of RPF1 17x9 with an ET 0f 45.
    I was asked if they would clear brembos on an 04 STI. I believe they will clear the Brembos, but there will be wheel well and fender fitment issues.
    Anyone attempted this on an 04?

    I don't have them listed on here yet, the whole picture sharing deal. These are in great shape, gold, no TPMS. Tires are RE-01, but 2 are ok, and 2 will need to be replaced.
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    If 17's won't clear brembos then they bought a super car. Typically when people ask me if wheels fit their car i point them to https://tiresize.com/calculator/

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