WTB: Exhaust Setup (used) for 2001 Forester S w/ 4EAT

Discussion in 'Want To Buy : Cars/Parts' started by Brady Crabtree, Nov 18, 2015.

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    Hey guys, newbie here (first post).
    I just picked up my first Foz and am looking to do some mild upgrades.

    2001 Forester S w/ 4EAT

    I am looking for a good used exhaust setup that will direct fit my Forester. After some research, I think I'm looking for Borla replica headers. From that on back I am pretty open to options. I don't want it ridiculously loud (DD), but wouldn't mind a little rumble. The stock cats on my Forester are shot, that is the primary reason for my upgrade. So I figured I might as well replace the whole system.

    So, if you or someone you know has any part of an exhaust system that would be a direct fit to my car, I would appreciate the leads. Also, if any of the experts have any insight on what to look for/stay away from, I would love the input.

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    There is a 2004 XT exhaust available in the FS thread. Maybe worth a look. @petrakov08